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The porcelain figure of Hippomenes was restituted by the Dresden Porcelain Collection to the ‘community of heirs of Gustav von Klemperer’ in 2010. Only on account of an illustration on one of the preparatory proofs for the Klemperer Catalogue of 1928 could the figure be identified with absolute certainty. In July 2011, this porcelain figure was returned to the Porcelain Collection of the Dresden State Art Collections as a gift of Lynne Howse, a great-granddaughter of Gustav von Klemperer resident in South Africa.

Diese Figur

In 1943, the wooden crates containing Gustav von Klemperer’s porcelain collection were evacuated for safe keeping to Schloss Rammenau between Dresden and Bautzen. In the first months of 1945, the advance of Soviet troops made it necessary for the art works to be moved once again; consequently, a number of depots east of the Elbe were vacated and the art works brought to locations further west. In the course of this second transport, the crates containing the Gustav von Klemperer porcelain collection were removed from Schloss Rammenau and taken to a number of different storage sites. Some of the crates were transported by way of Dresden.

Foto, vier Fragmente der Figur des Hippomenes mit Rußspuren
© Adrian Sauer
Fragment of the figure of Hippomenes Model Johann Friedrich Eberlein, Meissen, 1741-1747

1943 wurde die Holzkisten

Thus, the crate containing the small figure of Hippomenes and other porcelain objects left Schloss Rammenau at the beginning of February 1945. The lorry carrying this crate and other crates with porcelain from the Gustav von Klemperer Collection made an intermediate stop in the courtyard of the Dresden Residence. In the air raid of the night of 13/14 February 1945 the lorry was destroyed. In 1953 shards of certain porcelain objects from the Gustav von Klemperer Collection were recovered from the palace courtyard.

© Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Porzellansammlung
Proof for the collection catalogue, sheet 44
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