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Memories | Victor (Francis) von Klemperer

Memories | Victor (Francis) von Klemperer

My grandfather

Victor von Klemperer


© Familie von Klemperer
Von Klemperer family, Dresden, Wiener Straße 25, 1907 from left: Ralph Leopold, Gustav, Charlotte, Victor, Sophie, Herbert Otto von Klemperer


by Victor von Klemperer

When living in Margate (South Africa) and Bulawayo (Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe) between 1938 and 1942, and at the instigation of his wife Sophie von Klemperer (née Reichenheim), Victor von Klemperer wrote his memoirs with background on the history of his family.

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© Leo Baeck Institute Archives, Memoir Collection
Typoskript by Victor von Klemperer 1938 to 1942
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