fünf prunkvolle Porzellanvasen
© SKD, Foto: Jürgen Karpinski

Porcelain Cabinet in the Turmzimmer

Opening on 28 September 2019: For a good two centuries the Turmzimmer in the piano nobile of Dresden’s Residenzschloss was a prominent room used for displaying the electoral and royal porcelain. Alongside vases from China and Japan, August III exhibited, in particular, the best products of his unique and much-envied Meissen Manufactory, presenting them on gilt consoles set against red painted walls.

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With only minor changes, the Baroque Porcelain Cabinet remained intact until the destruction of the Palace in 1945, and it is now being reconstructed. Among the outstanding masterpieces of the Meissen Manufactory that will be returning to the Palace after 75 years in the storerooms of the Porzellansammlung are the vases created by the court sculptor and modeller Johann Joachim Kändler as representations of the elements. Numerous empty wall consoles will act as reminders of the many porcelain items that were lost after being removed for safekeeping before the war.


Abbildung eines Raumes mit Porzellangefäßen
© Reproduktion nach Römmler & Jonas, Das königliche Schloss zu Dresden, 1896, Tafel 20
Das Turmzimmer im Residenzschloss Dresden, 1896

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